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Concept_name is different from pt of MedDRA

(Seanzhang924926) #1

the concept_name is standardized pt of drug reaction.but the concpet_name is not match the pt of MedDRA.example: “idiopathic hydrops fetalis” in concept_name inplace of “hydrops fetalis” in MedDRA.

(Christian Reich) #2

Not sure what you mean, @seanzhang924926. What’s a “pt”? Equivalent MedDRA and SNOMED don’t have to have a matching concept_name. SNOMED calls it “hydrops fetalis” and MedDRA has a Preferred Term “Hydrops foetalis”, which is the British rather than American spelling of the same thing. MedDRA also has a “Hydrops fetalis” as an Lower Level Term. “Idiopathic hydrops fetalis” is a different SNOMED concept.