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Cohort Creation in Atlas

(Swanshi Saxena) #1

I have defined a cohort in Atlas by adding drug & condition criteria. Concept sets have been created for fulfilling the criteria.
Now the cohort is saved and can be seen in cohort definition but when we try to generate it from CDM database then it is not showing any patient data. Distinct People count is 0 there. Also, Reporting tab is not showing proper checklist for selection.
Please guide on how to create cohort and export the associated person group.

(Chris Knoll) #2

You are able to see the underlying SQL query that the tool uses to generate the cohort. Go to the export tab, sql sub-tab and look for the sql that matches your dialect. You can take that query, replace the tokens with the appropriate schema names for your environment (your CDM schema) and execute the statements.

Common problems:

  1. Your concept set is empty because INVALID_REASON was ‘’ instead of a null value.
  2. Your CDM doesn’t have OBSERVATION_PERIOD table set up to allow people to be identified with continuous observation.

Could be something else, please let us know what your manual execution of the SQL reveals.