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Basic flows, dependencies, steps for setting up and getting started with Atlas

(Sarath Manikonda) #1

I am new to OHDSI and relatively new to Healthcare field.
We have converted some patient data to the standard OMOP model (just the patient data) and would like to get started with Atlas.
I am looking for some help in the below areas. Any pointers or guidance would greatly be appreciated:

  • Pre-requisites to initiate any basic activities using Atlas
  • What are the roles of each data set in the overall process - Like you need patient data, which is the key data for analysis, meta data for storing any processing information etc
  • Role of Vocabulary in the analysis or generating the reports
  • What are the steps involved in analysis of the data - like creating a cohort etc.

Please let me know if my queries are not clear or you need any clarifications from my end.