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Atlas/WebAPI Working Group Update

(Anthony Sena) #1

The Atlas/WebAPI working group will hold its next meeting this coming Wednesday, 11/7 at 10AM EST. The meeting details, including the WebEx and dial in are found on the Atlas/WebAPI wiki page. This week Trey Schneider of GTRI will present his work on Patient Profile Annotations in Atlas. We will record this meeting for those that are unable to join.

Also, here are some past presentations made by members of the community that may be of interest:

10/31: Using GitHub for code development presented by @Chris_Knoll
10/24: ATLAS Project Structure & Recent Refactoring presented by @pavgra

And here are the full meeting minutes: ATLAS/WebAPI Meeting Minutes

(Anthony Sena) #2

Thanks to those that were able to attend the Atlas/WebAPI working group meeting on 11/7. The presentation on Patient Profile Annotations in Atlas provided by Trey Schneider is now posted here:


There will be no call this Wednesday, 14 November 2018 and instead we’ll encourage people to attend the Gold Standard Phenotype Library Workgroup instead: Requirements Development for the OHDSI Gold Standard Phenotype Library.