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Atlas security login

(Vikram) #1


I have deployed atlas on my server as a web application . When i try to access it , the atlas application asks me to sign in .

I cannot find any instruction in the installation where in it asks for the configuration of a sign option . In the setting.xml i have securityenabled as false.

Can some one help me with this as i am unable to access the application.

I found this [Security on OHDSI.org Atlas](http://OHDSI.org ATLAS security) .

I cannot find any link or answer mentioning the security enabling feature . Any help is appreciated.
@lee_evans @admin

Attaching screenshot for the home screen.


(Taha Abdul-Basser) #2

What version of Atlas/WebAPI are you using?
As noted in Wiki - WebAPI > Security Layer and in the WebAPI v2.4.3 release notes, the


setting has been replaced with


See WebAPI v2.4.3 POM.