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Atlas and RWE expert for a 6-month contract at Cambridge, MA

(Yan) #1

Hi all,

I am looking for someone who is familiar with Atlas configurations for help building up foundational building blocks library in Atlas with concept sets and cohort templates, etc. The role needs to be on-site at a Biopharma based in Cambridge, MA. Initial contract would be for 3 months and likely will get extended further:
Provides Atlas configurations, training, R programming, operational and tactical support for implementing and driving the adoption of OMOP standard and Atlas:
• Interface with the RWD stakeholders to understand needs and help envision self-service solutions using Atlas
• Help drive consensus among stakeholders for standard building blocks of concept sets, cohorts and common studies
• Configure those standard building blocks and support the customization of those for stakeholders.
• Support the inventory, cataloguing and governance of Real World Data.