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(Johnny Sams) #1

Hi, All,

Is there anyone at Case Western Reserve University using either of these tools? I would like to meet with someone and discuss these tools if I can. I am having difficulty navigating the volume of information required to get started.


Johnny Sams
Case Western Reserve University

(Mark Beno) #2

Hi Johnny,

UH is in the final stages of mapping 3 years worth of data into the OMOP model (having done 20 mos worth, and now going back to fix some mapping errors as well as setting up some automatic refresh scripts).

The ATLAS tool will be rolled out internally at UH following this validation. In addition, materials will be developed in parallel that basically provide the rules of engagement for working with the UH data.

The workshop at CWRU was a preview of things to come…and I am glad it has generated a lot of interest…we are close, but not 100% there. Stay tuned…it has been a long road, but I have seen mapped UH data…so I know it will be a reality shortly.

When the video is ready (which should be any day now) I will be sending out an email to all local attendees, others who could not make it, and others who may also be interested.

Mark Beno