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ARACHNE question

(Chen Wen) #1

Can someone that knows about ARACHNE give some insight on the following questions:

  • There are 4 repos: ArachneUI, ArachneExecutionEngine, ArachneNodeAPI and ArachneUIComponents. Is ArachneUI basically ARACHNE central? Is ArachneUI Docker’ized (there’s a docker directory with Dockfile)?
  • Is ArachneExecutionEngine the daemon?
  • What is ArachneNodeAPI? Is it just a dependency for both central and daemon?
  • Is ARACHNE integrated in Atlas/WebAPI?
  • Are there any deployment/installation documents?


(Gregory Klebanov) #2

Hi Chen,

These are the common UI components (Panels, Tables, Controls, Navbars, etc) shared across ARACHNE and ATHENA

This is the UI for both ARACHNE Central and ARACHNE Data Node

Yes, sort of. It is being invoked when a new analysis job is being submitted for execution by the Data Node. The Execution Engine will execute the job and return the results back

ArachneNodeAPI is an API for ARACHNE data node. It is being used by ARACHNE Data Node. It is not invoked by ARACHNE Central as Data Nodes typically sit behind the firewall. The ARACHNE Data Node communicates with ARACHNE Central using polling/messaging mechanism

No, ARACHNE is a separate platform. If ATLAS is being used to design studies, ARACHNE is being used execute studies, including those that are designed in ATLAS. There is an import feature in ARACHNE that allows code import dfom ATLAS/WebAPI into ARACHNE analysis.

Ah, this is currently the biggest gap - not yet but the team is working on those as we speak, will have something published soon. But we can assist, if needed - I will ping you in a separate email

(Chen Wen) #3

Hi Greg,
Thanks a lot for your reply! If I understand your the answers correctly, we need ArachneUI (for both Arachne central UI and data node UI) and ArachneExecutionEngine for node back-end? I tried build/run an AracheneUI docker image by using docker/Dockerfile, but not successful. Can you advise if the application can be deployed as docker image? Thank you for your help. My email is cwen@regenstrief.org if you want to discuss in email. Thanks!

(hanshan) #4

We plan to use ARCHNE in a project, but there is no deployment file on github. I saw you discussed this issue in the forum last year. If you have deployment/installation documents, can you send me a copy, my email address is: 461532950 @qq.com, thank you very much.