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Announcing the OHDSI Steering Working Group

(Maura Beaton) #1

As the OHDSI community grows worldwide, we seek to maintain an open, vibrant and inclusive space for intellectual exchange around large-scale healthcare data. To reflect the scale and breadth of our community, we are happy to announce a new OHDSI Steering Working Group. The group will meet every Friday from 11:30-12:30pm ET and discuss a range of issues related to OHDSI events and activities and also serve as an advisory group for the OHDSI coordinating center based at Columbia.

In short, we need strong community engagement in helping guide OHDSI’s future direction, and we believe strongly that the best approaches come when people from different backgrounds and talents engage together. Please join us!

To join the OHDSI Steering Working Group, please contact Maura Beaton at beaton@ohdsi.org for more details.