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ACEI ARB and Lung Ca

(Christian Reich) #21


Want to show my respect that you have no fear or scruples going right to the “lion’s den” and bringing up some of the controversial issues here. Please please keep doing that. I think your thoughts represents what many folks in the community think. And I also realize that OHDSI might sometimes come over as overly zealous, strong and maybe even aggressive, which will contribute to the effect that OHDSI to some makes the impression of being opposed to the larger community, rather than part of it. I can tell you it’s not the intention, but the passion carrying folks away a little. So, thanks for that.

(But I agree with @schuemie in the matter of the controls. :slight_smile: All scientific disciplines use controls in all their experiments, and they inevitably have shortcomings. But if they are absent papers get rejected. This discipline should start doing the same).